I'm a product consultant with a focus on
user experience and conversion.

Since 2008, I’ve poured my heart into many startups. I’ve written social games, produced mobile apps, raised crowdsourced funding, grew eCommerce brands and created experiences that have touched the lives of over 6 million people.

Case studies

A tale of personalised package design

A package design that will make you feel like christmas morning
as you unwrap through the layers.

How I helped raise $62k and $42k
on kickstarter

The case study gives detail insights on kickstarter, how it
works and how to raise money on it with a 100% success rate.
And how we did just that.

Acquiring 3.5M users on a zero budget

Case study of growing a social game to 2nd largest in
south asia with a team of 5.

Cracking the conversion funnel:
increasing eCommerce conversion by 233%

Case study on how I helped turn around an eCommerce
store giving its best sale numbers in over 4 years.

Increasing app engagement by 75%

A case study on increasing app engagement through
data analysis and gamification.

Increasing user onboarding by 233%

An analysis on how we used data to improve our onboarding process
through experimentation and refinement.

Move fast, ship things:
shipping 300 game titles in 90 days

How we creating a production process to ship our
300 games to the ios and android store within 90 days.
More importantly why? And the lessons we learnt..

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